10 Student Maximum
Includes a student copy of the CAN/ULC S524 (14)

Upcoming Dates:
January 2021 (One Saturday)
8:30 – 3:00


New Updated Fire Alarm Installation – January, 2021 (One Saturday)


Seats Available

Course Description

The fire alarm industry has become a field of its own in recent years with the integration of computer technology, so the varied experience of the instructor is valuable in terms of understanding the basics of fire alarm systems which are in use in buildings today, and the unbridled possibilities of the future of life safety technology. Tim speaks fire alarm in plain English that everyone can understand. The course material will be usable and suitable for apprentices and engineers alike.

Upon successful completion of this course, the attendee should have a good understanding of the following topics.

  • CAN/ULC S524 2014 Installations of Fire Alarm Systems (Each participant receives a copy)
  • Fire Alarm Basics. 3 wire systems. 4 wire systems. Addressable systems.
  • Annunciation, and Zoning.
  • Detection and initiating devices.
  • Audible and evacuation devices.
  • Ancillary devices controlled by fire alarm systems. (Elevator homing, door releasing, off-site monitoring)
  • Wiring methods and supervision of wiring. Fire alarm device placement and location devices.
  • Troubleshooting, testing, and fire alarm panel capabilities.
  • Electrical drawings, specifications, and products.

All course materials are included.   Electrical Trade experience is recommended.
Instructor: Tim Lindsay