Upcoming Dates:October 3, 2020

Time: 8:30 – 4:00
Venue: KWENCH work + culture club

2031 Store Street, Victoria, BC V8T 5L9

Solar Energy / PV Electrical Installations – October 3, 2020


Seats Available

Course Description


Photovoltaic (PVs) and the electrical code.
This course provides an overview of PV section in the electrical code as it pertains to the design/installation of systems and will be of interest to those involved in PV industry. Topics include solar performance characteristics, PV module theory, construction and performance, site analysis, electrical integration, code compliance, installation and safety.

Upon successful completion, the participant will:

  • Have a basic understanding of Solar electricity and how and where P.V. systems are used;
  • Be able to describe different applications and factors that affect performance;
  • Be able to identify components of a system and characteristics of P.V. panels;
  • Be able to identify Electrical safety issues and fall protection procedures;
  • Understand how section 64 of the electrical code applies to grid tie PV systems;
  • Perform a site assessment and be able to calculate system requirements; and
  • Be able to identify best practices for installations.

All course materials are included.

Prerequisite: None, but trade experience is recommended.

20 Student Maximum

Instructor: Ed Knaggs